A delegation of the CPATC was at the funeral of Mrs, Queen, ONGUÉNÉ ANANGA Marguerite, at the Chiefdom of Batchenga, this Saturday, April 06, 2019.

It is :

- SM MBASSI BESSALA Prosper, CPATC Coordinator in Cameroon,
- SM ELONG KOTTO Pierre Patrick,
- SM WEA TOULOU Jean Jacques,
- SM Dr. ZOBO Erick Patrick;
- Chief NNAMDI WASSU Mass,
- Prince Théophile TATSITSA.
Their Majesties were there to bring comfort to SM ESSOA ETOGA Gabriel Sylvain, Chief Superior of Batchenga and Secretary General of the CPATC for Central Africa.

May the soul of the Queen rest in peace!


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